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Upcoming Season Info

Basketball Cheerleading Information Reminders


We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to working hard to make our cheer squad the absolute best.  In order for this season to be a success, we need to remind cheerleaders and parents of several things as our season approaches.    


  1. Your cheer balance must be paid or you will not be able to cheer in the basketball games until it is paid.  You may attend practice, but may have to sit games until we can get balances turned in. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow extended time at this point in the year.  Our Varsity Uniform company bill is coming due and we have to make sure we pay our bills on time to remain in good standing with Varsity Uniforms for future purchases. We have given as much extension as can be allowed, so please get your uniform money turned in so that we can close our books with Varsity. Football cheerleaders will receive an updated payment amount at practice. If you are basketball only you may contact Coach Candace Wilbanks if you don't have your current balance.

  2. Students must remain in good standing with their grades and remain eligible per GHSA rules.  This will be monitored, so be sure you stay on top of your school work.. 

  3. Practices will begin Sunday, October 27th from 5:30 to 6:30.  There will be a special clinic to kick off the season. Girls are asked to bring $3 to cover the cost of the trainer.  During the week, we plan to practice Mondays and Wednesdays to begin the season. There is a commitment to excellence that requires everyone to attend practices and games.  Please see specific Attendance Requirements in the formal guidelines list below. 

  4. Along with practice after school, cheerleading requires practice at home.  If you are not ready to go out on the court due to lack of attendance during practice or due to not knowing the cheers you may be sitting.  No one expects perfection, but it’s important to show effort every day!

  5. Attached is the formal list of demerits and Guidlines you receive at the beginning of the season.  Please refresh your memory.

  6. You must have a current physical and paperwork on file. There have been some new forms added since tryouts, so if you may be given some new paperwork.
  7. Although we may communicate directly to the cheerleaders in groupme or text message parents and cheerleaders please sign up for REMIND 101 for things we want to remind parents of as the season progresses.  


Varsity Basketball


Tell people to text @gaaffe to the number 81010

They’ll receive a welcome text from Remind.

If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @gaaffe to (305) 548-8432.


JV Basketball

Tell people to text @kcdkeb to the number 81010

They’ll receive a welcome text from Remind.

If anyone has trouble with 81010, they can try texting @kcdkeb to (305) 548-8432.

East Hall High School Spirit Cheerleading Guidelines






The purpose of cheerleading is to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, wholesome and enthusiastic school spirit and our cheerleaders are first and foremost representatives of EHHS. Cheerleaders also represent EHHS at all cheerleading-oriented activities.




1. Cheerleaders are expected to set a good example. The following characters are required and must be displayed at all times:

A. honesty/truthfulness

B. good sportsmanship

C. high moral standards 

D. positive school spirit (especially on dress up days and game days)

E. positive attitude toward the cheerleading program.

F. respectfulness toward fellow cheerleaders, coaches, other athletic teams, administrators, and other school groups/opposing teams.


2. Cheerleaders must participate in and give freely of their time for any cheerleading activity deemed appropriate by the coach throughout the year. This includes all fundraisers, summer practices, camp, games, after school practices, etc.  Any and all conflicts must be discussed with the coach in advance.


3.  Cheerleaders are not allowed to have any body piercings in during practices/games. This includes nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue, belly button and ears. (anything else that can be pierced). There will be NO jewelry/spacers worn at any time while in uniform, during practice, or performance per GHSA RULES. This is and continues to be an issue.  Parents please help us encourage the girls to follow the GHSA rules.


4.  Tattoos are prohibited and must be completely covered if you already have one. Hair needs to be a natural color.  (no green, blue, pink, orange, purple ect…) 


5. During practice you will wear shorts or sweats and tennis shoes.  Improper practice clothes will not be allowed.  


6. Absolutely no Public Displays of Affection (PDA’s) will be tolerated.  If you are caught, you will get demerits and are subject to suspension and school punishment.  This is per our administration.


7. We also will not tolerate cheerleaders cutting down other cheerleaders on our team, other teams, as well as the players. 


8.  On the field and on the court you are a cheerLEADER, with the emphasis on leader.  You should remember your job is to get the crowd involved and support your team. Excessive talking and playing will result in demerits and possibly being benched after warnings/demerits given.  


9. You are never to be disrespectful to any other person; coach, teacher, parent, official, or anyone else.  


10. Let the coach take care of the problems.  The coach is there for a reason. If there is an issue with another student or athlete from an opposing team do not take actions into your own hands.  It is the coach's’ responsibility to talk to administration, staff and fellow cheerleaders when a problem arises!


On/Off Campus Behavior


All students who participate in extracurricular activities are expected to exhibit the highest standards of ethics and conduct while off-campus, and these students may be disciplined for their off campus behavior. 


This includes but are not limited to the following:


  1. Drug and alcohol use, vapes/smoking, drugs or any immoral behavior (Including behavior on the internet/social media) is not acceptable in any member of any of the EHHS cheerleading squads. See agreement signed. 


  2.  Remaining at any activity where alcohol or illegal drugs are present.


  3.  Cyberbullying/Social Media

Attendance Requirements


  1. Cheerleaders are expected to have an above average school attendance.  Cheerleaders will be allowed to have one absence per six weeks from practice with PRIOR NOTIFICATION to the coach. If that absence is the day before a performance, that cheerleader will not perform. In addition, cheerleaders may be allowed to attend certain school events without penalty with PRIOR APPROVAL of the coach. The decision as to what will or will not be approved is at the discretion of the coach. Cheerleaders are responsible to their squad members to attend and participate in all practices and activities. 


  1. If you were selected for a JV and Varsity squad you must cheer the JV game to be eligible to cheer for the varsity game. No excuses!


3. Cheerleaders must attend all summer practices and any other after school, weekend, or holiday practices called by the coach.


4. Cheerleaders must notify the coach prior to any absence from practice or cheerleading event. The following are considered excused absences: personal illness, injury, funeral or death in the family, special school activities with prior notice to the coach, and religious holidays. (Cheerleader must turn in documentation regarding explanation of absence to coach upon returning to school/cheerleading) All other reasons for being absent or leaving early from a cheerleading activity will be unexcused. Demerits will accrue for each unexcused absence.


5. On game days you will be on time. Ahead of time is on time, on time is LATE!  If the bus is leaving we will not wait on you.


6. Cheerleaders must be present at school for at least ½ of their scheduled day in order to participate in any cheer event on that day.


7.  Cheerleaders will ride the bus to and from all away events if a bus is provided. Students may ride home with a parent/guardian with approval from the coach.  You must provide a note if you are riding with another person or be listed on the permission form. Coach will call and verify with a parent. If a cheerleader is not on the bus when departure time is given they will be left and will receive demerits for a missed game.




GHSA rules state Cheerleaders are expected to maintain a passing grade of 70 in 5 out of 7 classes. Cheerleaders will follow the “No Pass No Play” rule as established by GHSA, but we on the other hand expect them to be passing ALL classes.  School is your number one job and should be your first priority at this age. We will check grades at grading periods and you will be on probation until you get your grades up. This means you could be sitting games if you are failing. 


Coach’s Authority


1. The coach schedules all activities attended by the cheerleaders.


2. The coach authorizes trips, expenditures, and fundraisers concerning the cheerleading organization.


3. The coach is authorized to give demerits at her discretion.


4. The coach may ask for a doctor’s note to explain any injury that will pertains to or might hinder cheerleading performances. Doctor’s notes will be followed without exception.


5. Cheerleading uniforms, jackets, camp clothes, etc. will be worn only when indicated by the coach and only by cheerleaders unless prior approval is given. 



All cheerleaders must participate in fundraising.  More details will be announced when opportunities arise.


Financial Responsibilities


All efforts are made to keep the cost of being a cheerleader down to a reasonable level so that each student is given an opportunity to participate if they so wish; however, cheerleaders should be prepared to spend $500-$800 dollars depending on squad to cover cheerleading cost. The uniforms are costly, but we try and keep everything for 4 to 5 years, so you can use them for a long time if you take care of your items. 


Uniforms will not be ordered for previous squad members if they have an outstanding balance from the previous season and a deposit must be made.  Cheerleaders will not receive their uniforms until their balances are paid. Remember, it is the responsibility of cheerleader/parent to pay all cost of cheerleading.


Demerit System


Demerits- are the means by which the cheerleader coach and administrators assure that squad members uphold the high standards of East Hall High School Cheerleaders, both on and off campus.


A cheerleader will receive demerits when he/she fails to satisfactorily complete any responsibility. 


5   DEMERITS= Clean up gym/ volunteer service / bench ½ game

10 DEMERITS = Clean up gym/ volunteer service and benched benched 1 game

20 DEMERITS = Benched two games

25 DEMERITS = Dismissal from cheerleading squad








THIS WILL NOT START OVER FOR Basketball season! 


 *If a cheerleader is dismissed from the squad or quits the squad during the cheerleading season, he/she will be required to sit out a year before trying out for the squad again. Making the squad does not guarantee a spot on next year squad.


**Demerits are guidelines. Other serious infractions could cause a cheerleader to receive up to the maximum number of demerits listed.


**The only time demerits are “wiped away” is at the end of the cheerleader year when the new teams are chosen.

Probation Rules


A cheerleader that has been benched will attend the pep rally/game out of uniform and sit in a designated area with the coaches.


 Probation will affect a cheerleader’s ability to participate in any other cheerleading activities.

  *** If any cheerleader becomes unable to meet the membership requirements at any point during the year, he/she may forfeit squad membership.



East Hall Cheerleading Demerit System



CONDUCT AND APPEARANCE                                                                  DEMERITS ISSUED

*Wearing jewelry at games or practice/Tattoo uncovered                                     1

*Inappropriate dress at practice or game                                                              1

*Hair not fixed properly (pulled up) w/bow                                                1

*Chewing gum while cheering                                                                    1

*Long nails, colored nail polish                                                                       1                        

*Insufficient apparel for practice (ex. forgetting shoes or shorts)                      2

*Talking on cell phone once activity has started without a coaches’ approval         2                               

*Unsportsmanlike conduct                                                                               5

*Display of physical affection in public (PDA)       2

*Inappropriate material posted on social media or other internet site                 5  

*Disrespect toward teacher or coach                                                                    5

*Being assigned ISS                                                                                         5

*Fighting with a team member                                                                               5

(In the event that two or more cheerleaders have a dispute that interrupts

the productivity and cohesiveness of the team and the problem cannot be

resolved, both team members will be removed from the squad)                      5 and/or10 

 *Being assigned OSS                                                                                            10



*Late/unsatisfactory fulfillment of duties                                                            2

*Unexcused tardiness for a game/practice/other cheer event                              5

*Failure to participate fully at a game/practice/or other cheer event              2

*Excessive talking while cheering                                                                         2 and/or benched

*Not standing to attention during National Anthem                                             2 and/or benched

*Being late after half time                                                                                  2

*Not cooperating with coaches/captains/squad                                                     3

*Unexcused absence from a game/practice/or other cheer event                         10 and benched the next game


*Any inappropriate behavior not listed                                                            10